5 Advantages Of Taxi Advertising Over Other Media Forms

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You have to get the word out about your business if consumers are going to come to it and spend money. Even if you’re well-established, you have to maintain your market share and build your branding. There are many marketing forms, media, and channels you can explore, but have you considered taxi advertising? Keep reading to learn 5 advantages of taxi advertising over other media forms you might be looking at:

1) You can scale your budget: Taxi advertising might not be prominently featured in your marketing budget. However, if you have spent on your favored choices and have a few bucks leftover, then taxi adverts are a great way to spend the rest. You can choose how many taxis your signage goes on and for how long, letting you scale your ad campaign.

2) You can test advertising: While taxi advertising is not the same as print advertising, direct mail, or online banners, all usually involve a rectangular area in which you can put both imagery and text to market your business. Taxi advertising might have enough of a limited scope that you can do A/B testing on various marketing ideas to see what clicks with consumers out there.

3) You get to target only locals: If your marketing is best off focused only on a specific market, then taxi advertising is a great way to go. Most taxi companies have a set service area they primarily operate in, so your marketing materials would be seen only there. This is a great contrast to newspaper, radio, and television advertising that might have broader circulation or broadcast range than you currently serve or market to.

4) You’ll get noticed by drivers stuck in traffic: Taxi companies often are in very urban or densely populated areas, otherwise maintaining a fleet of vehicles simply would not be worth it. That means their cabs are often in slow-moving traffic or even jams. Even having your advertising beside other drivers for a half a minute at a stoplight is a chance to get their attention when nothing else is. If they’re paying attention to their exterior surroundings like most good drivers do, their eyes are likely to cross your marketing material at least once.

5) You might just get business from taxi riders: Think about it. The last thing on their mind when they get in cab might be the advertising they see on the outside of the vehicle, and in some cases there is even advertising inside their taxi cab. If they’re sitting there with nothing to do and your advertising is effective enough, they might look you up online on their smartphone or tablet while they’re in there, giving you instant attention and business.

Now that you know 5 advantages of taxi advertising over other media forms, consider if such ads would help your business. Then check out your area to see how many taxi companies there are and how you can arrange ads on their vehicles.