5 Advantages Of Taxi Advertising Over Other Media Forms

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You have to get the word out about your business if consumers are going to come to it and spend money. Even if you’re well-established, you have to maintain your market share and build your branding. There are many marketing forms, media, and channels you can explore, but have you considered taxi advertising? Keep reading to learn 5 advantages of taxi advertising over other media forms you might be looking at:

1) You can scale your budget: Taxi advertising might not be prominently featured in your marketing budget. However, if you have spent on your favored choices and have a few bucks leftover, then taxi adverts are a great way to spend the rest. You can choose how many taxis your signage goes on and for how long, letting you scale your ad campaign.

2) You can test advertising: While taxi advertising is not the same as print advertising, direct mail, or online banners, all usually involve a rectangular area in which you can put both imagery and text to market your business. Taxi advertising might have enough of a limited scope that you can do A/B testing on various marketing ideas to see what clicks with consumers out there.

3) You get to target only locals: If your marketing is best off focused only on a specific market, then taxi advertising is a great way to go. Most taxi companies have a set service area they primarily operate in, so your marketing materials would be seen only there. This is a great contrast to newspaper, radio, and television advertising that might have broader circulation or broadcast range than you currently serve or market to.

4) You’ll get noticed by drivers stuck in traffic: Taxi companies often are in very urban or densely populated areas, otherwise maintaining a fleet of vehicles simply would not be worth it. That means their cabs are often in slow-moving traffic or even jams. Even having your advertising beside other drivers for a half a minute at a stoplight is a chance to get their attention when nothing else is. If they’re paying attention to their exterior surroundings like most good drivers do, their eyes are likely to cross your marketing material at least once.

5) You might just get business from taxi riders: Think about it. The last thing on their mind when they get in cab might be the advertising they see on the outside of the vehicle, and in some cases there is even advertising inside their taxi cab. If they’re sitting there with nothing to do and your advertising is effective enough, they might look you up online on their smartphone or tablet while they’re in there, giving you instant attention and business.

Now that you know 5 advantages of taxi advertising over other media forms, consider if such ads would help your business. Then check out your area to see how many taxi companies there are and how you can arrange ads on their vehicles.

A Summer Code Camp Could Give Your Child Valuable Skills

If you would like to set your child up for a successful career in later life, then why not send them to a fun and educational camp that will give them valuable skills along the way? A summer code camp could help them to learn some valuable skills, and put them in a good position to explore exciting careers.

Coding is not just used directly in the computer science field. Other sciences rely on it, as do a lot of reporting jobs these days. The idea of ‘big data’ is something that people are focusing on a lot, and having the skills to process that data can be hugely beneficial.

Code text with hands and colorful illustrationsMost schools are rather behind when it comes to teaching computer science. They either teach outdated technologies, or focus purely on administrative and clerical things like how to use a word processor. If you want your child to learn to code, then you will need to introduce those skills outside of curriculum time.

A summer code camp is a brilliant way to do this. It will give your child valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their life – and it will help them to learn the foundations of coding, in an easy to learn language. This means that by the time they’re an adult and ready to enter the workforce, they’ll have the knowledge of concepts that they need – and the confidence to apply those concepts to whatever coding language is popular at the time.

Code camps might sound boring if you aren’t into computers, but they’re actually a lot of fun. The organizers bring coding to life in an exciting way, helping kids to learn about difficult concepts by using them in real world situations. They might get to control robots, make games, or make interactive movies. They could make a chat bot to talk to people, or drive a remote-control car through computer code. These things seem magical to them but they’re possible to do with relatively simple code.

At a summer code camp, your child will learn valuable skills and make new friends. They will be introduced to concepts, tools and technologies that they will be able to use at home almost immediately. They will learn how to automate things that they do on their computer, saving them time – and they could even help you out in a few ways too.

Code camps are invaluable, and they’re a great alternative to a more physical camp for a child that is less sporty or ‘outdoorsy’. There are often subsidized places available for kids who want to go on such courses, but whose parents are unable to afford the full course fee.

If your child is already interested in modding, video games, or even something like making YouTube videos, then you should seriously consider sending them on a code camp. In a few days or a couple of weeks they could learn some amazing skills.

RSLogix 5000 and How to Get Training on It

RSLogix 5000 is part of a series of software released by Rockwell Automation. This software package is compliant and offers relay ladder, text, and sequential function charts for you and your team to develop individual applications. RSLogix 5000 software is made to work with Logix 5000 controller platforms.

Electrician testing industrial panelWhen you have this program implemented in your business, you can create instructions simply by compartmentalizing a section of logic using any programming language. You can turn this into an Add-On Instruction. The Logix Designer Application is fully scalable and can be used to program any one of the RS logic’s or Logix 5000 controller products.

There is a wide variety of this enterprise software to choose from and you want to find the best one for your application needs. You will also want to know how you can get you and your team trained on using it. This is easy enough. You can find training directly through Rockwell Automation.

Courses are available which are designed specifically for maintenance personnel, engineers or technicians. With the right training, personnel learn to minimize downtime on any machine and will have the troubleshooting skills needed to improve on maintenance as needed.

There are several options for getting the training. You can choose to get hands-on training for your personnel. You can also opt for the time-saving option of getting web-based training. Both are equally effective, however, web-based or virtual training is ideal for those times where it makes more sense to keep your workers from taking too much time away from work.

You can go online to find more information about the training that is offered by Rockwell automation. You may find a number of training facilities that offer RSLogix 5000 training. It is best to select a facility that offers hands-on training, not just classroom.

With hands-on training options, your workers will get real-world examples on which they can troubleshoot problems and learn how to work with the software and a variety of devices. With virtual or web-based training employees will get a full tutorial on how to handle the software. This is excellent for those beginning to learn it or for those who just want to refresh their knowledge of it. This is also a more affordable and is suited for limited budgets.

There are several hundred open-enrollment courses available. You are sure to find exactly what you need through Rockwell Automation to get your employees and workers the training that they need for RX Logix 5000. It is important to know that there are courses that are designed to work with individual job functions and that focus on specific job tasks that your employees will do on the job every day.

You can take these classes at Rockwell Automation or you can also have them streamed over the web at convenient times and locations for you and your employees. This training is great for those were new to this enterprise software or for those who need help learning this software or refreshing their knowledge of it.

7 Web Design Secrets for Designing a Killer Mobile Website

In case you didn’t notice, many people have decided to forgo traditional computers in favor of mobile devices. As a result, it is important for developers who are designing mobile websites to take this into consideration. Here are seven secrets from Starfire Web Design Las Vegas to creating the perfect mobile optimized site.

1. Create A Responsive Design

Just because there are so many people using mobile devices, it does not mean that they are all created equally. For instance, someone with a tablet will not have the same experience as a user with a phone that has a smaller screen. This is why responsive web design is essential. It will ensure that people on different devices will have the same experience when viewing your website.

Website on digital tablet.

2. Use Larger Font

While it may seem easy enough for users to zoom in when looking at a website, your goal should be to make things as simple as possible. This is why you should use a decent sized font when creating content. The easier it is for someone to read information without making adjustments, the better their experience will be when using your website. Google will even send you a nasty-gram when your font is too small for mobile users, so stay out of the penalty box by thinking ahead.

3. Keep Your Design Simple

You may believe that being overly complex will make you stand out from the crowd. It will, but not in the way that you might think. The more complicated your site is, the more likely people will be to bounce off it back to the search results. Since you are trying to appeal to those with smaller screens, being as simple as possible would certainly be the way to go.

4. Add Videos from YouTube Rather than Self-Hosting

When you add videos to a website, sometimes they are hard to view on mobile devices. The best solution to this issue would be to load content to YouTube then use the embed codes on your site. This is because these codes are already responsive, which means there is a 100% chance that they will be view-able regardless of the device that is being used.

5. Avoid a Ton of Text

One problem that people have when creating websites is being overly wordy. People who use mobile devices are generally on the go, and the last thing they want is to be stuck on a website reading a ton of information. Try your best to keep things short, simple and to the point. With that said, make sure that you are not so vague that people will have a difficult time trying to determine whether or not your site is useful to them.

6. Test Your Website Constantly

A great website needs more than a “set it and forget it” approach. It is important for you to monitor how well your site is doing and continuously test the functionality. People are not very forgiving, and they are not likely to return to a site that is filled with error pages and glitches. By testing things on a regular basis, you will ensure that users will have the best possible experience every time they visit. Google also offers a simple mobile-friendly test, which is a good starting point.

7. Reduce the Use of Javascript

Oddly enough, Javascript acts very differently for many people who use mobile devices. This is even true in instances when people have devices that are the same model. Your best bet would be to not use it at all, but if you must, make sure that you keep it to a minimum.

Creating a great mobile website is essential for the success of any business that wants to be successful in the age of the mobile device dominated market. If you are interested in soaring above the competition, make sure that you incorporate all of the above advice when creating your site.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Marketing Dashboard

Presently, it’s not a problem to acquire enough data, and neither is analyzing it. The problem often arises when trying to make sense of the data instantly by visualizing it. That’s where a marketing data dashboard comes in. Many marketing managers and CMOs are now starting to realize the power of data visualization tools in overcoming various marketing challenges.

What is a Marketing Dashboard?

CEOs have been using data dashboards for years, but marketing managers are now exploring dashboards suited to their own data. A marketing dashboard is at its heart a platform specially designed to collect data regarding your critical metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and put them into an artful and intuitive display, which presents real-time information streams. In other words, a marketing dashboard is a graphical interface that shows an overview of the entire marketing strategy, in a unified view. If you aren’t familiar with this type of analytic software, you can see an example here: Marketing Dashboard – Autographic Insight. The simple interface lets you identify the key performance indicators in a single view, where you can essentially cut off the data you don’t need.

Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept

While APIs can only collect critical information from your own proprietary software, marketing data dashboards can essentially coalesce the data from over 100 cloud services. For this reason, they are a proper mobile headquarters for keeping you and your marketing department informed with all the relevant information as you make important marketing decisions for your business.

Why Should You Use a Marketing Dashboard?

It’s commonly agreed that the major problem with analytics is that inexperienced marketers can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer amount information, making them fail to take full advantage of the data. However, setting up your dashboard thoughtfully while keeping your own goals in mind can help you to avoid these pitfalls. Below are the 3 main reasons why you should consider having a marketing dashboard for your business.

1. Focusing on the Bigger Picture

It’s quite difficult to see the bigger picture when you divide your attention between the various marketing campaigns you have in place. Most people prefer to just keep shoveling and not sweat about it. Working hard will translate into more visitors and therefore more sales. However, you don’t necessarily need to work too hard. With a marketing dashboard, you will have to zoom out and holistically see your entire marketing strategy. This will prevent you from obsessing over unnecessary detail as most markets do.

2. Making your Strategy More Efficient

As you now focus on the bigger picture, various trends and indicators that were previously out of view will now become clear. This let’s allocate more resources to the more effective campaigns, making you marketing strategy more efficient. Keep in mind that trends are fundamentally easier to notice on a line graph compared to looking at numbers alone. Comparing different sets of data on a line graph helps you to identify the more important trends, and focus more on relationships and patterns that you would have otherwise missed.

3. Knowing More About your Target Market

In general, the more you know regarding the target market of your business, the better you are able to serve them. Serving them better easily translates into more sales through word of mouth, repeated sales, and recommendations. A marketing dashboard lets you know where your clients spend the most time on the internet, which social media platform they are more active on, and how well they respond to email marketing campaigns. Such information is crucial in tailoring your marketing strategies to serve your target market better in the long run.

In a nutshell, a marketing dashboard helps you to visualize everything you need to quickly and efficiently. While checking such information via analytics and other data sources is possible, having it in one place will save you much time.

Pop Quiz – What is C# Programming and What is it Used For?

In the global marketplace for software, it seems as if new methods of coding everything from operating systems to smart phone applications are emerging out of the woodwork every day. Whether it’s a simple reprogramming of existing software ranging from a security patch to an improved user manual to full-fledged programming projects like entirely new operating systems, every day programmers are designing ever more tools to meet the needs of a changing digital world. The methodologies by which these programs are constructed will vary widely, but the main differences between many of these increasingly complex programs are the programming languages in which they are written and each programming language is practically a separate discipline in and of itself.

What is a Programming Language?

Programming languages are essentially ways of sending instructions to digital devices and then programming specific instructions into digital devices, ranging from how to begin running the second a power supply is active to maintaining the mechanical stability of a nuclear power plant. Each of these languages consists of instructions written in specific sets of text input via keyboard. Each of these languages is in some way unique. Some were quite clearly influenced by earlier languages in their form and function, while others go on to influence other, later programming languages, sometimes creating entire lineages of programming languages, which only get longer and more complex as more new languages are invented with each passing year.

C# Programming Language

C# over a graphOf particular note is the C# programming language and the languages descended from it. Also referred to as C Sharp when the musical symbolism is unavailable due to any number of technical restrictions (such as URL locations in online texts) to the author writing it, C Sharp is a versatile programming language with a number of applications in a wide range of programming fields. But what is C# programming and what is it used for?

Looking to test your knowledge of C# programming? You can take an online skills test here: C# quiz -Tests4Geeks

C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. Essentially what this means is that C Sharp has more than one programming paradigm, or a type of style that is the best way to use the programming language. These languages tend to be more flexible and capable of being used for applications. C Sharp is also a strong typing language, meaning that users must be very careful when typing the code, as even a slight deviation or mistake in using C Sharp’s programming language can cause problems and malfunctions when compiling the code or even using the resultant program.

C Sharp is also an imperative programming language. What this means is that it focuses heavily on statements altering the state of the device the resulting programming is controlling. Or, to put it another, the programming language calls for programmers to write commands to change the nature of the device inside the code. C Sharp is a functional programming language as well, meaning that its computation functions focus on mathematical formula and does whatever it can to avoid data that will change on it, such as mutable data and changing state data.

C Sharp is particularly useful to innovation programming because it is a generic programming language. In essence, this means that the algorithms are built with the intent of being specified later, with specific parameters being capable of being programmed in, rather than locking programmers down to a specific type of algorithm, allowing for a wider range of possible uses. It is an object oriented programming language and component oriented programming language as well, which enables the language to have a wider range of potential functions as well. Overall, C Sharp is a flexible language, useful to a number of programmers looking for something to either work on a wide range of devices or a device that has not been closely studied.